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Our Peachie Cleaners are a little like ninjas cleaning in the shadows or at night relieving you of the stress caused by clutter, freeing up your mind to focus on work and making sure your office space looks its best for your staff and clients.

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Peachie Clean approaches office cleaning with a difference. We’re highly organised, super friendly & more nit picky than your Mum. Our team of professional office cleaners always deliver an eco-friendly, state-of-the-art service for Hobart businesses.

So it’s time to stop worrying about who’s turn it is to clean the office and get back to doing what you do best. We’ve got you covered.

Because every single workspace is different we work with you to make sure yours is cleaned the way you like, when the sound of a vacuum won’t disturb.

Hobart commerical cleaner with cleaning equipment

Improve employee satisfaction

By providing employees with a clean working environment, it helps them to feel more positive about coming to work. Working in clean spaces is also known to boost productivity.

State-of-the-art systems

We’ve recently invested $30,000 in state of the art equipment and are now using a revolutionary new environmental cleaning solution – The eWater system that uses hypochlorous acid for a safer and more effective clean.

Provide a virus-protected environment

We make sure all high touch points are being fully and frequently cleaned and utilising our eWater systems – which is a proven TGA-listed commercial grade disinfectant.

Enjoy working in a clean environment

Ensuring your workplace is left clean and clutter-free, you and your employees will be able to work happier and more productively without worrying about things being messy or dirty.

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We get your needs

We have extensive experience in office cleaning Hobart

We make an effort to speak to clients and take the time to hear their thoughts and feedback. From the information we receive, we are consistently updating and changing our practices, to ensure you are receiving the best quality service for your business’s needs.

The Peachie Clean Difference

Top quality service

Our highly motivated and reliable team work hard to ensure that we provide nothing short of first-class service.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our professional office cleaning service will leave you feeling nothing but satisfied. It is for this reason we’ve developed long-standing relationships with ongoing clients.

Cleaners you can trust

Every one of our Hobart office cleaners is police checked to ensure they’re squeaky clean. And we will never ever subcontract our work. All jobs are completed by in-house staff to ensure a consistent service.

Eco Friendly

We hate overpowering chemical smells, which is why we use eco-friendly and non-toxic products. The biodegradable eWater technology we use cleans better than any other commercial cleaning products.

Fully insured

In the unlikely case that something were to go wrong, we are fully covered by insurance. Protecting you and us against loss or damage. This applies to every single job we do.

Guaranteed Schedule

We will never change your cleaning day. Unless of course, you wish to change it. If on the off chance your regular cleaner can’t make it, we will have a stand-in trained, briefed and ready to go that day.


Our Hobart office cleaning service covers everything including:

Desk spaces


Showers and Toilets

Conference rooms

Common areas

Reception areas

Staff rooms




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Our clients will tell you about our top notch Commercial & Office Cleaning Service

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