Want to join the Peachie Clean team?

Commercial cleaner holding cleaning in progress sign Hobart Peachie Clean

We’re pretty fussy about who becomes a Peachie Cleaner. Let’s lay our cards on the table – we’re a fun company to work for and we treat our Peachie Cleaners well…damn well.

This isn’t a cleaning job like any other because we’re not a cleaning company like any other. We hire our peachie cleaners, we look after them and we pay them well because they’re awesome people who deserve to be treated awesome-ly*


Who are we looking for to join Team Peachie?

We're pretty unapologetically fussy about who we let onto our team because a true Peachie Cleaner is a rare mix - they're that fun, positive person who throws themselves into everything.

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Happy, smiley, nice!

Someone who’s friends would describe you as so nice, always smiling at strangers or really genuine

safe icon

Someone who is trusted to borrow a friend’s car & returns it with a full tank of fuel

Hard working

The hardest working person you & your friends know

Hungry for learning

Someone who thinks that we learn something everyday & just loves getting feedback or learning something new

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Positive Vibes

That friend who always brings the positive vibes & makes everyone around you smile.


Who are we not looking for to join Team Peachie?

Its nothing personal but we take pride in our hiring process. If we are not a fit, that's fine & we wish you all the best in your job search!

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Lies, lies, lies

Diving behind bushes because you just saw a police car or someone who tells lies, fibs or “borrows" stuff you never plan on returning

Lazy icon

Someone that loves to have holidays or breaks every few weeks

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Party animal

Hates work or think that it gets in the way of your busy social life

unhappy icon
Negative mindset

A total grumblebum who loves to complain all the time or would be described as a negative nancy

Join Our Team

If this sounds like an uncannily perfect description of you, we’d love to hear from you!


Our core values

Our values mean a lot to us. We truly stand by them and ensure that each end every team member does too.

Be Kind

It costs nothing to be kind. We treat everybody with kindness, including our clients, staff and community.

Be Real

Realness is something that is inherent in how we operate. We are always honest, open and real with our clients.

Be Growth Ready

We‘ve created a working environment where our staff are ready and willing to be coachable. They maintain a positive attitude and are open to constructive feedback to help them learn and grow..

Be Innovative

We’re always looking for improved methods to ensure our clients are receiving the best quality and our staff are receiving the best training. We strive to be industry leaders and serve as an example to our community.

Have Fun

We take cleaning seriously, but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy it while we’re doing it.


We love happy workers, so we do our bit to help

Our service is powered by a strong collection of core values that we incorporate into every area of what we do, first an foremost an emphasis on the importance of creating a team, not a list of employees.

Join Our Team

If this sounds like an uncannily perfect description of you, we’d love to hear from you!