Commercial Cleaning Hobart

Does your business need to take extra precautions and require expert help for environmental cleaning? 

Are you a clinic, gym, child care centre or a business with an office space that wants to ensure strict professional cleaning of frequently touched surfaces?  

Perhaps you are always that person who gets stuck at the end of the day tidying up the office? 

As commercial cleaning specialists in Hobart, we can remove cleaning from your workplace to-do list. You can rest easy knowing your staff and customers safety is our top priority. 

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Professional Cleaning Services Hobart

We’re leaders in specialised and commercial cleaning services

Peachie Clean approaches commercial cleaning with a difference. Our highly trained team promise to deliver an eco-friendly, state-of-the-art service for Hobart businesses. 

Whether you have toilets, furniture, windows or carpets that require cleaning, we can do it all. It’s our top priority to provide the best commercial cleaning services for our customers. That’s why we are proud members of the Building Services Contractors Association of Australia (BSCAA), Australia’s best industry body for the building services industry. We’re also members of ISSA—The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association. This ensures we stay up to date with best practice techniques and purchase top-quality equipment to keep your commercial space clean and safe. 

Gym Cleaning

Clean, disinfect & sanitize your Gym or Studio space to ensure your patrons & staff are protected against Covid-19.

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Childcare Cleaning

Provide a clean, safe environment for your services' children with our effective, child-friendly cleaning services.

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Office Cleaning Hobart

We offer the full range of routine and specialist professional cleaning services using highly-trained staff and eco-friendly equipment

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Clinic Cleaning

Focused cleaning on the most touched areas of your space. Lockers, mats, bathrooms, walls & floors.

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Keeping your staff, customers and clients safe is our top priority

We know each business is different. Which means the cleaning requirements for your environment is unique.

That’s why we take a bespoke approach to our commercial cleaning services. We spend time talking with our clients to get an understanding of your needs and pain points. This allows us to come up with an effective cleaning solution that is completely tailored to the unique needs of your business.

You can rest assured knowing that all our Hobart cleaners are professionally trained on exactly how to clean each client we have. Leaving you with a peachie clean commercial space.

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The Peachie Clean Difference

We’re not your average cleaning company in Hobart. We’re a group of like-minded professionals, all working towards the same goals with the same core values.

We’re highly organised, super friendly & more nit picky than your Mum.

A more thorough clean

We use state of the art equipment such as the world's first cordless electrostatic sprayer. This advanced technology applies cleaning, coating and disinfectants more effectively, more efficiently and with greater convenience - giving a thorough clean like no other.

Eco-friendly and non-toxic

We use biodegradable, eWater technology that cleans better than other commercial cleaning products. So you don’t have to worry about chemicals and toxic smells in the air.

Reliable and trustworthy

We never sub-contract our work. Every job completed is done by our in-house staff who receive ongoing training in the High Performance Cleaning Framework by HPC Solutions - so our Hobart Cleaners are trained and ready, ensuring you always receive quality and consistent service.

Fully insured

Our staff take a high level of care when cleaning Hobart businesses, but for your peace of mind, we are insured to protect against loss or damages. So you can rest assured that in the unlikely event an accident happens, you’re covered.

There when you need us

We can give you the assurance in knowing you’ve locked in a regular time and day for when we clean your space. If your regular cleaner can't make it for whatever reason we’ll have another member of our team ready to deliver the top service we are known for.

Highly trained cleaners

Our team is HPC trained and have been taught to always use the correct equipment for every surface we clean. We also provide regular training on new techniques. We use state-of-the-art equipment including eWater disinfectant and electrostatic spraying.

Ready to discuss your commercial cleaning needs?

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