Are you looking for a service you don’t have to worry about? Your job is to take care of the children, not the cleaning. But as a child care provider you know it’s inevitable throughout the day you’ll be doing some cleaning, but it shouldn’t just be up to your team. We provide a worry free service that will allow you to increase attendance at your centre, spend more time with the kids and less time sorting out the mess.

Nothing has become more important to fight the COVID-19 virus then ensuring environmental cleaning of shared spaces is done diligently to kill the virus on surfaces.

Peachie Cleaners are no stranger to using high-grade cleaner and disinfectants to keep your workspaces as hygienic as possible.

Thorough daycare centre cleaning is offered where we focus on cleaning frequently touched surfaces, such as door handles, tabletops and light switches.

Investing in the best technology

We’ve recently invested $30,000 in state of the art equipment and are now using a revolutionary new environmental cleaning solution – The eWater system that uses hypochlorous acid for a safer and more effective clean.

Reduced chemical exposure

We follow the High Performance Cleaning Framework to ensure healthy, ethical, hygienic and sustainable cleaning is completed. With a focus on preventing the exposure to hazardous chemicals.

Simple, safe and economical

For the best clean we utilise eWater systems that use an electrical charge to split water and salt to produce two separate solutions one for cleaning and one for disinfecting.

Reduce the number of sick days

The sanitising solution kills harmful microbes due to its super oxidised properties and leaves no residue behind. Making it a great choice for disinfecting your child care centre to help children from picking up bugs and germs.

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Keeping up with the times

Disinfecting has now become a necessity

We use a state-of-the-art eWater system which has approval as a commercial grade cleaner. This goes a long way to making daycare centres a safe space to continue to operate in.

Our thorough cleaning process ensures all high touch points are being completely and frequently cleaned.

Peachie Clean team member, smiling, holding commerical cleaning tool

The Peachie Clean Difference

There when you need us

All cleaners from Peachie Clean follow our specially developed High Performance Cleaning Framework manual and are fully trained and ready to fill in when required.

World-Class Quality

We are innovative leaders in cleaning and use the world’s first cordless electrostatic sprayer. This advanced technology allows us to work more effectively, more efficiently and with greater convenience.

Trusted Cleaners

All staff members are police-checked and hand picked to ensure they are squeaky clean. We won’t ever sub-contract our work to anyone else. Keeping our service consistent, secure and of great quality.


We aren’t fond of chemicals and toxic smells. Which is why we use biodegradable, eWater technology. It’s an approved TGA-listed disinfectant and cleans better than other products but doesn’t leave a nasty chemical smell behind.

Fully trained cleaners

Our cleaners have been trained by HPC to ensure we provide a top quality service. Our services are compliant with the current Department of Health and Safe Work Australia requirements.

Rest assured

No matter the job we complete, it will be insured to protect you and us against any loss or damages. So, you can have peace of mind knowing that in the unlikely case there is an accident, you’re covered.

Our child care cleaning service covers everything including:

Nappy change areas



Eating areas

Arts and craft areas

Bathrooms and toilets

Frequently touched surfaces




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